In love with Lakyn

In love with Lakyn

Four things you absolutely cannot live without?..."My camera, sewing machine, family and a good hiking shoe"

My first entry into the Creative Guestbook is a casual chat with the photographer behind my new collection. Known for her creativity and thoughtfulness, Lakyn is one of those people who was just born to create! I 've loved getting to know her better since we connected last fall.

Cradled on the serene shores of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Lakyn calls this beautiful island her home. Photography and fashion were passions she fostered from a young age- she began taking pictures at 14 alongside her mom and, by 17, had launched her very own wedding videography business. While living the small-town life, Lakyn never thought her dreams of creating a fashion line would become a reality. But when life-altering Covid 19 hit, she turned to sewing and quickly her self-taught passion blossomed launching her own brand Lake The Label in 2021.

Here's a little glimpse into a day of Lakyn- "A typical day for me looks like waking up around 8 am. Immediately coffee. Go for a walk with my dog Willie. On days that I don't have a shoot or a wedding, I will sew all day long, I have to be pulled away from my machine some days. This past winter, Ive become obsessed with snowboarding, so obsessed that I might be moving to the west coast next winter. I have also been trying to learn how to surf, it has been a humbling experience but I love it"

Her brand's style is cool, beachy and colourful, much like her photography vibe she creates designs that are contemporary and unique. Lakyn takes inspiration from her love of the outdoors and thrives on personal connection... and I'll be forever thankful I connected with this seriously talented gal!

To become "in love with Lakyn" you can find her on Instagram @lakynleudy for photography and @lake.thelabel or for fashion.


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