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Welcome to the House of Aurum-a contemporary jewelry studio from a small town on the coast of Canada. Each piece is thoughtfully designed by artist Alana George.
Alana takes inspiration from feminine elegance, luxury design and the unique rarities from the gemstones found on her bench. Each concept is crafted into contemporary pieces for you to love for many years to come.
Featuring various mediums Alana works primarily with genuine freshwater pearls. Each pearl is unique in size, shape lustre. Her designs are tailored to showcase the organic beauty and classic silhouettes. Paired with natural gemstones, she works intentionally with semi-precious metals. Her noteworthy designs are perfect for any wardrobe.
I’m just your average 20-something Artist, hopping between a tiny town in Nova Scotia and the bustling cities of Ontario.
Some things I live for…ice cream. any kind, any form. Flowers (peonies specifically), and hugs… I need at least two a day. I think dogs can be soulmates, I feel emotions deep, and I will always say yes to a hike-rain or shine.
House of Aurum is an extension of who I am at my core. Lover of all things creative. Inspired by moments with meaning and intrigued by beautiful accents to our life….like Adornment.

Where the seed was planted

After spending countless summer months working at nearby jewelry boutique Seamist Studio (The pearl shop as locals like to call it). I was left with an undeniable passion for the art of jewelry design. Working underneath renowned pearl jewelry artist Michelle Johnson, I was taught the value of high-quality materials, the vast array of gemstones our world has to offer and the type of work ethic required to find genuine happiness within your art. Mickey is an inspirational woman to say the least. She cared, nurtured, and taught through her designs. Embodying what it means to live and breathe through your art. Over those many summers I learned the basics of jewelry design and my love for the pearl gemstone was planted…and it hasn’t stopped growing since.
See her work here-
Travelling Boutique
Travelling Boutique
You've gotta start somewhere! I've been lugging my pearls every season attending markets, artisan fairs and trade shows for the last 4 years. It's been my favourite way to connect and create relationships with people like you. To this day I travel between provinces as a vendor sharing my work. It's where my passion blossomed, and seeing you get excited over my designs will never fail to bring me such deep joy.
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