Need a LIFT?

Need a LIFT?

After the birth of my daughter, I took a break from every aspect to do with my business; social media, markets, online orders, you name it! I was investing every ounce of energy and love into my sweet girl and had none to spare for anything else. I took valuable time for the first few weeks of motherhood and it was difficult, to say the least. I was craving my creative outlet and had a newfound desire to reach my goals. Don’t get me wrong, running a business is HARD too. Every hour is valuable, every interaction can be an opportunity and it takes a lot of energy to be an entrepreneur. With all the hardships of managing a business, there are also amazing benefits. I realized how much I thrive in a creative mindset, with constant to-do lists and social settings where my passion was the highlight. I had so many aspirations for the future of my business, but with my new reality, doubtful thoughts were planted in my mind... “How can I expand?” “When will I have time?”, “Am I always going to be THIS tired?”.

I was at a standstill, investing all my energy into my daughter left me with an idea and no steps of action to get there. I knew that I needed to get back at it, because if I’m doing what I love then in turn I will show up happier and be a better mom because of it. That’s where LIFT came in...

LIFT is a community-run program that offers micro-lending, business coaching (I know, amazing right?) and support for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. I took a leap of faith and reached out to the program facilitator with my hopes of expanding my current business. After countless meetings with successful business founder Evelyn Ernst and top-tier marketing professional Fiona Horgan, I finally had a clear vision of where I wanted to take this business. With a program like LIFT personal connection is their priority. Unlike a bank or government investment program, LIFT strives to create a community of like-minded individuals with an entrepreneurial passion. Both Evelyn and Fiona juggled businesses during motherhood, and after working alongside them I gained the confidence needed to peruse this dream, all while being a first-time mom.

LIFT gave me the support needed to expand my brand into House of Aurum and launch the brand-new Vienna Collection. I truly would have been ten steps behind without this organization and I can't wait to see the other wonderful entrepreneurs they LIFT in the future.

For more information on this amazing group or how to apply click the link below.

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